End-to-End Solutions for the International Shipment Lifecycle

Catapult solves the unique data challenges faced by freight forwarders, carriers, and shippers with services and global logistics technology that connects global supply chain networks. Our suite of shipment lifecycle solutions ensure accuracy, speed of execution, and world-wide accessibility to rates and shipment data.

Multi-Modal Rate Visibility

Ensure your freight rate and shipment information is up to date and accessible from anywhere. Calculate complex door to door rates, find the best carrier, and view sailing schedules with Catapult.

Rate and Contract Management

Control market volatility of freight rates and contracts with Catapult QMS® and Catapult QMS Lite™. Keep rates accurate with expert contract management and real-time surcharge maintenance.

Tender Management Solutions

Win more bids with a better tender management process. Catapult’s Spring Board makes responding to RFQs fast and easy by accurately applying your rates to the specific format of any tender.

Freight Audit and Invoice Reconciliation

Take control. Carriers over bill by up to 30%, yet lacking a process to audit complex invoices companies have no choice but to pay. Catapult makes accurate invoice reconciliation simple.

FMC Tariff Filing/Publishing

Be confident you are meeting all FMC requirements for tariff filing and publishing. Catapult provides complete online solutions to meet all FMC rules and regulations that ensure compliance.