FMC Tariff Filing

FMC Tariff Filing and Publishing

Upload and manage your Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) Tariff Filings online

Catapult provides complete online solutions that enable freight forwarders and NVOCCs to meet all FMC tariff filing documentation and retention requirements.

The guidelines governing FMC tariff filing are complex and logistics services providers must take the necessary steps to ensure compliance to the many regulations. The Catapult platform makes it simple to upload and centrally manage your NSA, NRA, governing rule, and tariff rate documents.

Our team of ocean shipping industry analysts makes Catapult the leader in FMC tariff filing and all areas of ocean contract management.

With a simple web-based upload, you can process filings seamlessly in any document format. Your filings can be accessed with secure credentials from offices globally. The robust search functionality makes it fast to locate information from previous filings by almost any criteria.




Quickly upload documentation and maintain compliance through a user-friendly interface.



Manage, search, and access FMC tariff related documentation from anywhere in the world.



Ensure you are meeting FMC requirements for NSA, NRA, governing rule, and tariff rate documentation.

Stay FMC Compliant With Our Easy To Use Tools

The rules governing FMC tariff filing and publishing are complex – but Catapult’s easy to follow tariff upload process make it simple. We enable your operation to meet regulatory compliance with central access to all filings from anywhere in the world.

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