Free Time System

Free Time Management

Ignoring free time could be costing you $300+ a day per container in detention and demurrage

Free Time System from Catapult gives shippers and freight forwarders instant visibility to their contracted free time.

This information can be used to optimize carrier selection, as well as reduce expensive detention and demurrage costs that appear on up to 25% of ocean freight invoices.

Yet, free time is a factor many shippers do not consider when booking ocean shipments. Most often because free time changes based on the carrier, port, and trade lane. Manually looking up free time on individual carrier’s tariffs is not practical making it impossible to account for without technology.

Along with a shipment’s contracted rate and transit time, the potential costs from detention and demurrage impact total shipment cost more than almost any other factor, including most surcharges and fees.

Enter Free Time System from Catapult. Our technology makes it easy to compare and use your free time tariffs within your current rate calculation and quoting workflows, allowing free time to become a key part of every routing decision.


Improve Routing

Better Routing

Use free time as a criteria for routing decisions, along with rates and transit time.

Reduce Costs

Prevent costly detention and demurrage by knowing container due dates.

Faster Decisions

Faster Decisions

Streamline your process for researching and comparing free time across all your carriers.

Use Free Time to Reduce Detention and Demurrage Costs

Cut Detention and Demurrage With Free Time Management

The costs for exceeding free time appear on up to 25% of ocean freight invoices and can add $300 or more per day to the cost of a shipment. Our Free Time Management solution makes it easy to know your contracted free time and avoid these unnecessary charges.

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