Freight Audit Invoice Reconciliation

Freight Invoice Audit and Reconciliation

Stop billing errors by carriers that are increasing your freight costs by up to 30%

Catapult enables freight forwarders and shippers to perform freight invoice audit on complex global shipments to prevent costly over-payment errors.

Billing errors on carrier invoices is a common problem for freight forwarders and shippers. Given how complicated freight rates can be, this is no surprise. With most companies lacking a reliable process to accurately audit and reconcile complicated global shipment invoices, most are payed as billed with the errors simply considered a cost of doing business.

Catapult provides a solution to this problem, making detailed and accurate freight invoice audit possible. By leveraging Catapult’s robust freight rate and contact management technology, carrier invoices of all types can be audited and reconciled with accommodation for all applicable fees, surcharges, and GRIs.

The savings to freight forwarders and shippers by auditing freight invoices is immediate and drops directly to the bottom line. The complexity of international logistics and the challenges presented by global freight rates are no longer an excuse for failing to properly audit invoices – and billing errors don’t have to be a cost of doing business anymore.


Reduce Costs

Properly auditing complex global freight invoices to prevent costly over-payments due to billing errors.

Save Time

Be efficient with our invoice audit and reconciliation workflow to make approving invoices easy and fast.

Be Confident

Know your rate contracts are up to date and reflect all current market fees and surcharges.

Catch the Freight Invoice Errors That Are Increasing Your Logistics Costs Up To 30%

Invoicing errors by carriers is something many forwarders and shippers accept as a cost of doing business. The complexity of international shipping rates is no longer an excuse. Catapult provides a simple process for catching carrier billing mistakes and returning overpayment errors directly to your bottom line.

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