Multi-Modal Rate Visibility

Multi-Modal Freight Rate Visibility

Manage freight rates centrally, with accessibility from everywhere

Catapult provides multi-modal freight rate visibility and access to your international shipping rates for sales teams, branch offices, and customers. Global freight rates are not just business critical information to your logistics operation. The accessibility and accuracy of rates is important to many parts of your company. Catapult provides a seamless solution to make this simple. Leveraging our team of expert analysts, we closely track the international shipping marketplace to ensure the many complicated fees, surcharges, and GRIs are up to date and accounted for. Your rates are calculated accurately every time – even for complex multi-modal and door to door shipments.

Making multi-modal freight rate visibility possible is our Catapult QMS Lite™ platform which provides a simple user interface and is accessible from anywhere. This technology enables agents, reps, customers, or any other authorized party to calculate and view detailed freight rates in real time. Other vital shipment information like sailing and airline schedules, as well as transit times is also available. What does this mean to you? If you are a freight forwarder or carrier, your sales reps and agents can now provide instant quotes to customers in the field. Shippers will benefit from the automated shipment routing and be sure cost and service is always optimized.


Calculate Rates Fast

Optimize any global shipment by carrier and transit time instantly based on your contracts.

Be Accurate

Know your rates and contracts reflect all current fees and surcharges.

Global Visibility

View Globally

Access multi-modal rates and shipment details with any internet ready device.

Ensure Your Rates Are Accurate and Accessible From Everywhere

Managing and calculating multi-modal shipping rates is complex. QMS Lite™ makes is it easy to store and make accessible your own freight rates and contracts. From anywhere in the world your logistics department, sales teams, and agents can access and calculate freight rates accurately through a simple user interface.

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