Rate and Contract Management

Solutions that make global freight rate management simple

Catapult keeps your global shipping tariffs up to date and accurate with complete freight rate and contract management solutions to ensure all fees, surcharges, and GRIs are applied in real time to any shipment.

If you are involved with international shipping, you understand how complicated freight rates can be. Strange as it sounds, rates and contracts are often not a guarantee of cost – constant surcharge maintenance makes knowing what your rates are at any given moment almost impossible. It takes an industry expert paying close attention to the market to calculate global shipping rates accurately.

Catapult is that expert. Our team of analysts read and analyze your carrier contracts while applying all applicable surcharges and other market driven costs.

Using our integrated technology solutions, Catapult QMS® and Catapult QMS Lite™, freight forwarders, shippers, and carriers get access to powerful tools for calculating rates, quoting, routing optimization, and many other shipment lifecycle solutions.

We go so far as to maintain a replica of carriers’ tariffs in our database so your contracts mirror carrier rates and surcharges precisely at all times. Even if you already consider yourself an expert, Catapult will save you from the headaches of surcharge maintenance letting you focus on your business and customers.

Catapult QMS

Powerful tools to ensure your freight rates are always accurate.

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Catapult QMS Lite

Our simple solution makes freight rates accessible from anywhere.

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Calculate Freight Quotes Quickly and With Confidence

Catapult’s QMS and QMS LiteTM applications make calculating freight quotes fast and easy. Plus, our team of analysts ensure your rates are always up to date, reflecting all current fees and surcharges. Forwarders, carriers, and shippers all benefit from our robust rate and contract management platform.

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