Tender Management Solutions

Tender Management Solutions

Increase your win rates on bids while decreasing your risk

Catapult delivers tender management solutions and technology that help freight forwarders and carriers win more new business with less effort, risk, and expense.

Tenders represent important opportunities for freight forwarders and carriers, but there’s also cost and risk that go with every bid. And, for all the effort there is never a guarantee of winning anything.

By way of our team of analysts and Spring Board technology, Catapult provides two distinct competitive advantages for any logistics services provider responding to a bid. First, we provide important rate accuracy that gives you confidence to quote aggressively for the right kinds of business – at the margins you want. Second, our platform calculates and applies your rates fast and in the specific format of the bid – ensuring every tender is completed quickly and with accuracy.

Reducing the time you take for tender management enables your business to respond to more bids. Precise cost certainty along with better visibility into your rates makes it easier to focus on the type of new business you want to grow with.


Increase Win Rates

Always put your best foot forward with accurate rates to win more bids.

Save Time

Work faster and easily upload your rates using the simple bid template mapping tool.

Bid Confidently

Know your rates are up to date and bid aggressively for the business you want most.

Respond to Bids Faster and With Confidence

Tenders are a big commitment of time and resources for your pricing operations. Spring Board from Catapult provides a fast and simple way to apply your rates to the template of any RFQ, saving time and giving you the confidence your bid is accurate.

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