Spring Board

Spring Board

Easy to use freight RFQ software designed to save time and increase win rates

Winning freight tenders is important. Yet for all the upside, participating in RFQs takes a huge commitment of time and resources – with no guarantee of results. This makes an efficient tender management process vital. Spring Board makes responding to bids fast by quickly and accurately applying your freight rates to the specific format of any RFQ. What used to take weeks now takes a day.

Spring Board was built to address the unique challenges faced by freight forwarders, ocean carriers, and airlines when responding to RFQs. With a simple mapping process, Spring Board freight RFQ software eliminates manual data entry and calculations. You’ll bid with better accuracy and in less time. Most importantly, it enables you to identify and focus on the new customers who are truly best for your business.


Tenders are a great opportunity and Spring Board will maximize your success.

Win More Bids

Win More Bids

Increase win rates by responding with speed and accuracy.

Save Time

Eliminate manual processes and automate shipment rating.


Bid template mapping enables easy rate upload into any bid structure.


Centralized bid management for approvals and custom metric tracking.

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